Real-estate advice in Mallorca

Rooting from the current recovery in the real estate market, the number of purchase-sale operations in our town and surrounding areas has risen. We understand that it’s very important to count on a lawyers’ advice, expert in real estate law who will be able to guide you through the whole purchase-sale process.

We believe that a good planning of the purchase-sale process will save you some future surprises. If for example you’re going to buy a property, it’s very important that you check its urbanistic situation. The fact of you buying a property, paying your taxes, inscribing it in the land registry, etc. doesn’t mean that the urbanistic situation of the property is legal, so we insist that it’s very important to get to know the property’s urbanistic situation.

It’s our mission to guide and advice you throughout the whole procedure so you can be assured every step of the way until the signature of the public purchase or sale deeds.

Our real-estate advice services in Mallorca include:

  • Information about the municipal planning state of the property (if the property is in a rural area).
  • A report about the state of the property, according to the land registry.
  • Agreements and management of signature of different purchase options with the most honest financial agreements.
  • Possible fiscal repercussions of real-estate transactions.
  • Negotiation with different real-estate agents.
  • Transfer of the supply contracts (gas, water, electricity…) into you name.
  • The creation of direct debits to pay local taxes which correspond to the property.

We believe firmly that it’s necessary for our clients to receive good comprehensive advice and for them to be well informed about the potential threats there can be in a purchase or sale process of a property.

That’s why we recommend they trust in the experience of a specialist lawyer who is familiarized with the different peculiarities of the mallorcan real-estate market and who will guide you throughout the process. We guarantee that if you do it this way, you’ll be able to say bye to bad surprises which you could find in future.

If you have any doubts, just ask us.