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Find the insurance that best suits your needs.

Are you looking for an insurance? Do you have one already but aren’t sure if it’s well adapted to your needs?

We have developed an insurance department in our office to answer our clients’ needs.

For years this insurance service has been useful to our clients, because they’ve been able to trust an insurance market professional.

In this sense we have have wanted to study the policies of our clients’ vacational homes, and we have found some curious situations: From policies which have incorrect risk situations, policies with capitals insured for much less than the reality, unnecessary covers,etc.

We’re going to propose some indications of what should be done when reviewing your home insurance:

  • Which capitals do I have contracted in the policy? You need to know that a low valuation of the contents of your home, can give place to an infra-insurance. One of the consequences of having an infra-insurance, is the application of the proportionate rule, when it comes to the company paying for damages.
  • Let’s say for example that you have 10.000 euros of contents covered with your policy, when really the right thing would be to have 20.000 covered. Imagine that you suffer a fire and everything gets burnt. The insurance company will pay you 50% of what you had insured, this is 5.000 euros and not 10.000 euros as you thought. It’s very important to adjust the insured capital to avoid future problems when it comes to claiming compensation.
  • We have also found some situations where the insured continent capital is quite elevated, obliging the policyholder to pay for something which isn’t reall. We must remember that capitals are insured relating to the construction, it’s the value of the re-construction and not the market value.

We advise you check your policies and if you have any doubts, just ask us.